The last stage of the Italy-based activities of the project involved a series of evaluation process from the point of view of the beneficiaries, and the stakeholders, i.e., local and national authorities, Italian and migrants' organizations. The evaluation was organized in three separate events, namely: an evaluation meeting between FWC and CISP; a focus group discussion with some beneficiaries of the Italy based activities; and a consultation meeting with key partners and stakeholders based in Italy.

The focus on the lessons learned by all the subjects involved in the project, aimed to elaborate those Best Practices which would be offered as a result of the project and to contribute to the formulation of operative recommendations.

These recommendations have been formulated following a joint evaluation of the activities carried out by the partners of the project and the results of the forums carried out in the Philippines and in Italy.

They are addressed to the project stakeholders, local and national authorities of destination and origin countries, civil society organizations and experts and they aim to identify further steps to take into the field of migration and development.

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“lessons learned” and policy recommandations