Overall, this project generally focused on the strengthening the nexus between migration and development through the empowerment of organizations in the Philippines and migrants' groups in Italy. This was done in order to enhance the positive impact of migration and minimize the social costs or negative effects of migration.

The project aimed to empower migrants in Italy and their families back home through actions to consolidate, in the long term, the conditions of Filipino migrants, their families and their community.

The project has the following objectives and achieved the following outputs:

Objective 1: Increased awareness of the Filipinos and other stakeholders on the issues of migration and development and migrant social and civil rights in Italy.

Objective 2: Capacity building of Migrants organizations and HTAs on migrants rights and welfare issues, financial literacy, counseling, organizing and alliance building to deliver economic and social services to their members and to help create community development projects in partnership with different stakeholders .

Objective 3: Build the capacities of Migrant families and NGOs, Local Government Units, schools, cooperatives, rural banks and other stakeholders involved in initiatives in addressing the social cost of migration and in tapping the resources of migrants for the development of the OFWs, their families and communities.

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