To link with concrete investment opportunities in their communities, Atikha partnered with Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative( SIDC) , the largest agri-based cooperative in the Philippines, to form the Italy based SIDC migrant collective. The partnership provided the opportunity to:

1. pool the savings of the migrants towards agri-based initiatives in their communities,

2. bring down the cost of remittance to the pooled savings from Euro 8 to Euro 1 per transaction in partnership with money transfer organizations;

3. higher yield for the investment of migrants compared to savings in bank;

4. family members in the Philippines are offered business opportunities of the cooperatives and became part of the value chain of the enterprises of the cooperative which is involved in feed mill, rice mill, hog raising, coop mart among others.

Entrepreneurship has always been considered an option of migrants in their reintegration. However, we all know that not everybody can become an entrepreneur. Through the cooperative, they can choose to become mere investor or be involved in coop enterprises. Being part of a bigger enterprise reduces the risk and ensure assistance in management of the micro-enterprise.